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Wedding Ceremony In Malaysia

Hello my dear loyal reader!! Today I bet you will love the topic that I want to tell to you. Are you curious when reading this entry? I know you are right?! Haha, why I said so because I believe that everyone love this topic which is it about wedding!! So, I will tell you about how wedding ceremony was conducted in every races and how they celebrate the bride and the groom in the wedding ceremony. 
example of 'bersanding' ritual in Malaysia
Malay race Wedding Ceremony
As usual, I will start with Malay race first. Malays will first do the akad nikah. First the groom need to sign a wedding contract and agrees to provide the bride a Mas kahwin and dowry. After the akad nikah the malam berinai ceremony will be held at night after the akad nikah ceremony. For malam berinai, the bride’s fingers will be printed by using henna. I will show the example of the printed fingers at the end of this entry. 
example of Printed Henna
On the next day, the wedding ceremony is start. The groom will go to the bride’s house. When the groom and his entourage of relatives and friends are arrived, they will be accompanied by the musician that beating the Kompang. The guest then was celebrated by sprinkling of yellow rice and scented water. Sometimes, there are also persembahan pencak silat (Malays martial arts) was held. Before they get into the house, the elderly in both family will join a custom called ‘berbalas pantu’ before they are allowed to come into the bride’s house.
Once they are step into the house, the bride and groom will sit on the ‘pelamin’ in front of the guest and other family members. This is the peak of the Malays wedding ceremony. After that, the family members of the bridal couple will sprinkle the yellow rice and scented water to the bridal couple. As the appreciation of the people who willingly to do that, they will give ‘bunga telor’ (decorated egg) to the guests. 
example of bridal feeding each other
After the bersanding ceremony, the bridal couple and the entourage will go for makan beradab. This part usually the bridal couple will seat on the same table and they will feed each other. The entourage will be served with a very delicious food. 

Bridal get blessing from parents

Chines Race Wedding Ceremony
So, let’s proceed with chines wedding ceremony. Chinese believe that wedding is the joining of two families and once the bride and groom decide to get married both families must get involved in this wedding ceremony.
Firstly I will tell you about the betrothal or grand gift. This betrothal ceremony is a formal occasion which allowed both parties to acknowledge each other. The families need to give their blessing to the bridals to be. In this occasion, the future groom and his family will bring a few proposal things such as token money wrapped in red envelope and items such as tea, "double happiness cake", pair of male and female poultry, sweetmeats and sugar, wine and tobacco. The number of the token money is $99 or $999 because 9 represent ‘forever’ in Chinese culture. The most important things for the proposal is tea. This is the sign of blessing from the both families and both families wish them to get more heredity as much as tea leaves. The gifts for the proposal should be even number. Usually ‘double happiness cake’ and invitation card will be distributed by the bride’s family to their relatives and friends. But nowadays, both family will sent the ‘double happiness cake’ and invitation card to their relatives and friends and start to do a preparation for the wedding.
The Bridal couple
In the morning of the wedding day, there is a ritual for the bride called ‘hair dressing’ the good luck women (women that have parents, husband and children) will come to perform the ritual on the bride. In the middle of the process, the good luck women need to say something that will give a good luck to the bride in her future live. For the groom there is a ritual called ‘capping’. It is a ritual where the father of the groom will will placed a hat decorated with cypress leaves on the groom’s head. After that the groom will drive a car and take his bride to go to the wedding ceremony
example of Chinese Wedding Door Gane
Next is Chinese Wedding Door game. It is a ritual where a groom was locked in the bride’s room. They were spreated from each other. The groom need to get out from the lock room but once he succeed he needs to face the bride’s family and friends that will ask questions. This is because the family and friends don’t want to easily give the bride to the groom. So, they do that to delay the bride’s leaving. After the groom succeeds find the bride they are finally officially a bridal couple.
 After three or four days of the marriage life, the bridal couple will come to visit their parents at their parent’s house. They will bring certain gifts, and the bride's family is supposed to return part of the gifts, plus some gifts from them.

The Bridal couple

India Race Wedding Ceremony
Finally I will tell about Indian wedding ceremony. First of all, the father of the groom needs to pick the bride at the bride’s house. The groom is not allowed to follow his father to pick the bride. After arrived at the bride’s house, the father and his entourages were served with sweets and fruits inside the house. The sweets and fruits were placed on the floor of the living room. The ceremony at the bride’s house started when the priest who spoke to both fathers and the bride and some offerings were made. After that, the guests were asked to eat at the bride’s house before they take the bride to their relative’s house for the wedding ceremony on the next day. At night, the ladies in the groom’s house will be very busy preparing their self for the next day. They need to prepared their hair and do some make-up on their face for the wedding. This is because they don’t have enough time to prepared them self on the next morning since the wedding start at the morning.    
ritual in India Wedding Ceremony
On the next they, the wedding ceremony start with the ritual that need the groom and his friends used things like vegetables, fruits and oil. After that, the bridal couple finally meets the priest on the same stage. On the stage, there are two musicians played an instrument when the ritual was performed. One of them blowing the horn while and another person played the tabla while the priest reciting something in front of the bridal couples. After that, the guest will congratulate the bridal couple. Usually at night after the ceremony, the groom will held a party in their house to celebrate the wedding. As for their friends who can’t attend the wedding, they will join the party to celebrate their friend’s happy moments. They will serve Indian foods for dinner to the guests that attend the party.                                                                                                                                                                   
So, I hope you can understand my explanation about the wedding ceremony for these three races. To feel the real experience I suggest you to join all the wedding ceremony to see it by you own eyes. That’s all for this entry, see you on the next post. Bye!!

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