Thursday, 3 September 2015

Malaysian Success

Hello people. So today I would love to share with you the success that Malaysia had achieved in several years. This success is very important to help Malaysia well-known among other country around the world.
Dato' Dr. Sheik Muzaphar Shukor

So, I will start with the success of Dato Dr. Sheik Muzaphar Shukor as the first astronaut of Malaysia. As we know Dato’ Dr. Sheik Muzaphar Shukor is the first Malaysia astronaut that is able to go to the International Space Station (ISS) on 10 October 2007. He is going to ISS because he wants to conduct experiment that related to the characteristics and growth of liver cancer, leukemia cells, the crystallization of various proteins and microbe in space which give many benefit to local industries and medical research. Because of his good education background, he was being chosen to go to the ISS. He went to ISS with another 2 astronaut which are Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oeg Kotov. On 21 October 2007, he returns back to the earth after 12 days journey to the space. 
number one champion world

The second success that Malaysia have is when Dato’ Nichole Ann David achieve world championship in squash. I will list down all her succeed in this sport which is:
·         Starting from2005-2011 she was announce as number one world champion after winning the world championship every year.
·         Grab number one player in the world after winning 6 times in world championship competition.
·         Winning British Open Squash Championship three times.
·         Winning Hong Kong Squash Championship six times.
·         Winning Qatar Open Classic five times.
·         Gold Medalist Commonwealth Games 2010 New Delhi
·         Able to hold number one world champion in 6 times.
Actually there are a lot more the championship that Nichol have won, but I just can only found these as her succeed in squash. She is very incredible and amazing based on succeed that she has achieve in sport field. Ohh I forget to tell you, she is the youngest people that achieve ‘Datuk’ title in Pulau Penang.   
madiha with her parents
Finally is Nik Nur madihah binti Nik Mohd. Kamal. Her succeed is she achieve 20A’s in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination. She comes from a poor family that living in Rm90 rent house that grab people attention when she surprised Malaysian with her SPM result. Most of the reporter comes to her house to see how her house is and they want to interview her family. She takes 20 subjects in SPM because she wants to tell the world that even poor people can succeed in their study. Facing a hard life is not the reason for you to giving up in your study. To be succeed in study you need to encourage yourself to give more effort on gaining knowledge at the school. She is finally was announce as the best students for SPM in the year that she taking the examination. This is one of the best examples to showed to the world that Malaysian people have a high IQ and good in gaining knowledge.

So, I hope that by introducing the succeed that Malaysian have gain, it will inspired you to become a successful people too. You can make them as your idols to be as good as them in future. so, I think that’s all for today’s entry. I hope you enjoy reading this. Bye!    

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