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Population In Malaysia

Hi people! Thank you for reading my blog again and support my blog. So, today I would love to tell you about the population of Malaysia. First of all I will tell you about the number of people that live in Malaysia. 
Total land are and population of Malaysia
Malaysia has about 30952064 people in it. Consist of 15695047 male and 15257018 female and this year they estimate the number of this population will increase to 31 127 247 in the beginning of 2016. 

The main races in Malaysia
There are three main races in Malaysia which are Malay race, Chinese race and Indian race. Malays race is the origin population that live in Tanah Melayu during colonize of British and other Europe countries. After British take Tanah Melayu from communist, British bring in workers from China and India to work for them. So, after independence of Tanah Melayu, the authorities of Tanah Melayu at that time urged the citizen to be unity and help each other. So from that event, Malaysia was well-known as country that has various types of race, ethnic, culture, and religion.

Example of Bersunat ceremony
Every race has its own culture. So, I will tell you about the interesting culture in every races and how these 3 races can live in the same country even though there are many differences between these 3 races. First of all I will tell you about Malay race which is circumcision or in Malay it was called as ‘Bersunat’. This ceremony is special for a boy with age approximately between five and ten years old. Usually, the people who live in village will organize this circumcision ceremony during school holiday. This is because after the kids was being circumcised; they need to get some rest to make sure that they are fully recovered. Before that, the kids will be dressed with a beautiful Baju Melayu and a Sungkit Sampin or short sarung. After that they will be procession through the village, before being finally placed upon a specially constructed Dias (pelamin).  Finally after the ‘Tok Mudim’ (the person who is to perform the ceremony) then every kid will be circumcision by him in a room. After it finish, the parents will give ‘Wang Pengeras’ to the ‘Tok Mudim’ as a sign to thanks the ‘Tok Mudim’ for success of the event.

example of Khatam Quran ceremony for girls
Secondly is Khatam Al-Quran ceremony. This ceremony will be conducted after the kids are succeeding finish reading the Holy Quran. For boys, usually this ceremony will be held before ‘bersunat’ ceremony. The ceremony usually held at night after Isyak pray. It’s start with the boys sit on the carpet floor in front of the Pelamin. The boys start read the final verses of the Quran anf after finished reading the Quran he will kisses first the hand of his Quran teacher, parents and finally the hands of the guests. After that, the boys will sit on the Pelamin for a while and before descending for the feast (jamuan). Following the jamuan each of the guests receives a bunga telor. This is a boiled egg, sometimes dyed, and attached to a stick, with leaf or floral decorations. The guests then leave.

example of dragon dance during Chinese New Year
So people, I think there are many input that I have given to all of you, so I will proceed with Chinese culture. Firstly is Chines New Year celebration. For your information, chines race will welcome Chinese New Year with a very huge festival and usually Chinese New Year celebration will be celebrated in such joy. During Chinese New Year, there is a dance called ‘Tarian Naga’ which is a few men or women will be in a dragon suit and they will dance in beautiful steps without showing their faces. Chines New Year was celebrated in a very good environment because they want to celebrate the new years of Chinese calendar.  During Chinese New Year festival, there are lots of moon cake was served in every house. There are also mandarin oranges and ‘kuih bakul’ was served as well. The closing ceremony for Chinese New Year Festival is Chap Goh Meh celebration. It is the sign that they already finish celebrating Chinese New Year festival.

The visitors will wear black cloth
Secondly is customs of death. Usually, when they chines people still alive, they will order one coffin and a small area of land for them. This is because after they died they want their body to be putted in the coffin and land area that they already order before they died. Once there is someone died, they are bathed and dressed with very beautiful cloths and they will be laid in a very beautiful coffin. The person in charge of managing the remains will call more people to cries during the ceremony. The more people criens during that time the more respected the remains will get. While brought the remains there are lots of sad songs will be played as a respective sign for the remains. After the ceremony was finished, all the family members of remains are compulsory to wear black cloths as a sing of mourning for several times. They will live as usually after the time of mourning was finished. 
The example of Vanakam sign
So people I know it’s a little bit boring right now, I hope you have patience to finish reading this entry. You are now almost done because I will proceed with the last race which is Indian race. So I will start now. First of all I will tell about the sign of respect in Indian race. Usually Indian when they meet each other, they will say ‘vanakam’. The meaning of this word is like ‘hello’ or ‘hi’.  They will ask about their friend health, business, and work when they are meet-up. Other than that, when you go to Indian house you need to eat anything that have been serve by the host. This is because it is the sign that we respect their effort to serve us in a good way. For your information, Indian people will serve you with foods or various types of drinks to their guests. You have to accept it as a respect sign and you need to take it by using your right side hand. Never used your left side hand to accept anything forms Indian people because it is inappropriate. 

Indian people need to respect their mother
Next is family role. Even though father is the main role in a family, Indian people still considers mother to be respected and their thought is ‘Mother is a god’ and they should respect their mother. In a family, daughter was called as ‘amma’ because they also think that daughter will be a mother in future so they need to respect them too. In Indian family, they will treat their daughter specialy and they will take care of their daughters properly.

So people, I think that’s all for this entry. We will meet again on the next post. Don’t foget to catch-up my entry people!!! byee.


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