Thursday, 3 September 2015

Religious In Malaysia

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One of the ritual that have been practice by Islam religious Follower

Okay so back to the main topic about the story that I want to tell in this entry. It’s about religious. As you know in Malaysia there are 3 races that live together. They also follow the different religious and beliefs. In Malaysia Islam is the official religious because most of the citizens follow Islam as their guidance of their life. Malay race is the majority of people that follows this religious. Other than that, some of Chinese and India people also follow this religious. There is one rules in Malaysia that did not allowed Malay race from following others religious that exist in Malaysia and they are not allowed to shop from following Islam religious. But they allowed other people from other race to follow Islam. It’s about 61.3% of Malaysia was following Islam in Malaysia it is the majority of the citizens of Malaysia. Finally Islam was announced as the official religious in Malaysia regarding the number of people who following this religious is high.  
Bible that have been used by the Followers
The second biggest religious in Malaysia is Christianity. Most of Chines people following this religious as their guidance in life. Christianity succeed entering Malaya until now because of British colonizes practices it when they are holding Malay’s government at that time. They also spread their religious among Malaya people at that time. And until now this religious is still exist in Malaysia and was being practice by other races which are India and Chinese.
Batu cave one of the biggest Shrine in Malaysia
Majority of people who live in India and Nepal are following Hinduism religious as their guide life. In Malaysia it’s about 6.3% of people living in Malaysia following this religious most of them is Indian people. Hinduism religious exist in Malaysia when British colonizes bring worker from India entering Malaya for working with them. These workers do their ritual in Malaya at that time to follow their god’s rules. So, after Malays gain Independence this religious still extant in Malaya because Indian People that enter Malaysia was announce as one of Malaya citizens.
Malaysia consist of people with different religious
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