Thursday, 3 September 2015

National Flower (Hibiscus)

national flower for Malaysia

Hello people! Let’s read my next entry about Malaysia which is about a flower. Malaysia has choose hibiscus or ‘bunga raya’ as their national flower in year 1958. Before hibiscus was being chosen, there are 7 more flowers that have been short listed to be chosen by the authorities of Malaysia which are bunga raya, bunga kenanga, bunga melur, bunga cempaka, bunga teratai, bunga mawar dan bunga tanjung.
The reason why hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia is because it is well-known among other people in other countries. This is because to make a flower become a national flower, it must be famous among other people around the world. Secondly is because there is no country used hibiscus as their national flower. So, they decide to take hibiscus as Malaysia national flower after knowing that. Thirdly is because the structure of the flower itself. It is very beautiful and the color is red. Red is sign of bravery and it represent Malaysian people.
On 28 July 1960, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj announce that hibiscus is finally the national flower of Malaysia. Today, choosing hibiscus as the national flower of Malaysia seems right because of the five petals of the flower represent five Prinsip Rukun Negara for Malaysia and it symbolic of unity among Malaysia citizens.

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