Thursday, 3 September 2015

National Song

lyrics Nagaraku song

Hello my fellow loyal readers! So this is my 14th entry for this blog. If you have read my previous entry, I’m introducing you with the traditional attire, differences in religions, difference in culture and wedding. It is shows that Malaysian has various types of culture and they have to live in one country with many differences. So, the existence of national anthem helps in uniting citizens in Malaysia because they will sing the same song when they are gathering. So today I will explain to you about the history of national anthem of Malaysia which is ‘Negaraku’.
In 1956 every state in the Federation of Malaya has own national anthem. But there is no any song that can represent the identity of Malaya. So, in a year before independence, Tungku Abdul Rahman, Chief Minister and Minister for Home Affairs have decided to build one organization for the purpose of choosing a national anthem for Malaya. In this organization they have conduct a competition worldwide and there are 514 enter the competition worldwide. Sadly, there are no suitable songs for Malaya.
Finally the organization decided to hear all national anthems from those 11 states in the Federation of Malaya. On 5 august 1956, the organization finally chooses Perak National Anthem because of the traditional melody was included in the song. The lyric of Malaya national anthem was written by the judges in the organization including Tengku was involved in making the lyrics. The melody of national anthem is the same as Perak national anthem and Perak state still used it until now. Both of these songs have same melody with a popular Malay song with title ‘Terang Bulan’ or Bright Moon. This song was very popular on the island of Mahé in the Seychelles. This island is the place where the Sultan was living after he had been exile by British colonizes.
On 1993, the government of Malaysia finally approves the re-arrangement of the tempo of the National Anthem into a "fast march" tempo (from 96 beats per minute to 126). During the independence on 31 august 1993, the new version of  national anthem of Malaysia was finally being played on that day. Until now there are no changes on the songs and people need to respect the song when it was played.
So people this is the reason why citizen in Malaysia live in peace. They unite for one song and they understand each other because of the song. So people happy reading for my entry. I hope you get some information about nation anthem of Malaysia with title ‘Negaraku’. Okay that all, bye!!

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