Thursday, 3 September 2015

Famous People In Malaysia

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Tun M father of Development
Every country has their own famous politician, public figure and people who have make Malaysia famous in the eyes of the world. It same goes to Malaysia. There are many famous people that you should know and meet them. but today, I will just tell you 5 famous people in Malaysia
First is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. He is 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia. He is so famous because he is the one who build Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower (KLCC) on 1999. KLCC was the higher building in the world back then. Other than that he also manages to recover Malaysia’s economic problem on 2008. He is the longest prime minister that holds Malaysia starting from 1981 until 2002 which is 22 years. He is a very strict person; he will do anything to make sure that Malaysia can be a development country.

Dato Siti is number one best singer in Malaysia

Secondly is Dato’ Siti Nuhalizah. She is very famous in Malaysia because of her beautiful voices when she sing any songs. She is the number one singer in Malaysia. She just not only has a beautiful voice, she also has a good attitude and she also has a very beautiful face. On 1 April 2005 she has the opportunity performing herself in front of foreigners at Royal Alberth Hall, London. Because of his beautiful voice, there are many foreigners like her and become her fans. On 21 august she finally married with her husband, Dato Khalid Mohd Jiwa in age of 27 years old.

chef wan have wrote 400 recipe in his book
Finally is Dato’ Chef Wan. He is famous chef in Malaysia because he likes to do experiment on new recipes. He is an outspoken and he is very humble person. He likes to share his recipe through his book. Sometimes he went to other country to do his job and he has promoted Malaysia’s food to other country by doing his show. He is the number chef in Malaysia because he manages to write lots of recipe book and manage to host various type of cooking shows.    

Apart of this 3 famous people, there are many famous People in Malaysia. But today i will just inform you about these 3 people for this entry.  I think that all in this entry see you next time. Bye!


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