Thursday, 3 September 2015

Do's And Don'ts In Malaysia

Hi people! Thank you for always supporting my blog and still reading my blog! Every country has do’s and don’ts. Its same goes to Malaysia. It is very important for you to know or do a research on do’s and don’ts in every country that you will visit. As for Malaysia, I will tell you about do’s and don’ts in Malaysia that you need to follow when you visit Malaysia.
Firstly, do not shake hands with Muslim ladies in Malaysia. This is because it is inappropriate to do that to the ladies. In Islam they can’t shake hand with guys expect for their family. So, this is the reasons you can’t shake hand with Muslim ladies. Got it guys? 
Secondly, called your friend first before go visited them. This is because Malaysian really respects their guests. If you did not give them a called, they can’t do any preparation to celebrate you at their house. When you inform them, they can prepare lots of foods for you.
Thirdly, do not kiss or hug in public. This act is not proper in front of Malaysian. You should avoid yourself from doing this action at beach or shopping mall. Malaysia will look at you weird once you do that action.
Next, remove your shoes when you entering Malaysian house. This is because your shoes maybe its dirty, so, you can’t step into Malaysian house using a dirty things. Most of Malaysian used their house for their worship. So, they need to make sure that their house is always clean so that they can do more worship after this.
Finally, never used you forefinger to show anything like places, things or etc. instead, use your thumb of the right hand to show it. So, avoid yourself from doing that.
I can only tell you this five do’s and don’ts in Malaysia. But no worries I leave you with one video of do’s and don’ts in Malaysia. I’m sure that you can get more information after watch the video. So, that all from me, thank you. Enjoy your reading.    

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