Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi people!! Finally I was in my last entry for this blog task. Thank gods I finally manage to finish my task successfully! Hahaha. So for this last entry I will tell you about 3 famous traditional games that still have in Malaysia

First is Wau. Wau is the giant size of a kite. It’s about 3.5 meters from the head to the tails. There are many patterns of the Wau but mostly it’s based on the local flora and fauna. This traditional game is popular among people that live in east-cost Malaysia which are Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. They will flow their Wau after the rice harvest season. Its name is Wau because the shape of the Wau is same with an alphabet in Arab words which is ‘wow’

Secondly is ‘Congkak’. Congkak is consist of one wood that have been decorate nicely with two sides consist of seven or nine holed for both sides. At the end of the wood is called house. There are two houses at the end of both sides of the wood. It is a mathematic games that usually being played by womenfolk in ancient time. Nowadays both genders can play it. 
Thirdly is ‘Gasing’. It is a big spinning with weight approximately 5kg to 10lbs. The step of playing this game is firstly you need to wound the big spinning with rope and then unfurling it on the ground. While it still spinning used a wooden bat with a Centre slit and transferred onto a low post with a metal receptacle. If you are expert in this game, the spinning will spin until 2 hours.            
So, my blog is about to end, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I also hope that you can use all the information if you want to come to visit Malaysia one day. Thanks for always support my blog. When you when I see you. Bye people.

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